Thursday 2 September 2010

Preparing for Battle

So the big step of deciding to take exam has been made, meaning its time some procrastinating before actually facing what I've decided to work for entails.  Or, more positively, time for preparing.

Firstly, being a stationary addict, I had to head out to stock up on the essentials.  For me this means highlighters, black biros and Oxford project books - WHSmith sell them at around £3.50 - as they have nice thick paper so you can highlight on both sides to your hearts content.

Next, I gathered a sensible set of books to work from.  I've gone for :

1 ) Essential Revision Notes for MRCP by Kalra, which was utterly invaluable during part 1

 2) Trusty cheese and onion, AKA Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, as combines the virtues of being both comprehensive and concise

3)  Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine, for when more depth is needed (hopefully not too often) and finally

4) My First MRCP book which I entirely failed to bond with during part 1 so I'm going to re-attempt using for part 2

So, having prepared my ammunition I joined to see what the battle was likely to be like...