Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Introducing MRCP and me

So, after a disportionate amount of umming and arrring and a level of indecisiveness that could literally have been fatal in my professional life I have decided to attempt MRCP part 2 written.  The exam is just over 2 months away, I am doing a ridiculously busy SHO job with a rota that leaves me perpetually jet-lagged with its rapid day-night switches and I still have a diary that includes social engagements (foolhardy I know.)  I'm therefore not entirely sure how realistic my attempt at passing will be, but I thought my brain could do with a bit of gentle exercising so I'm approaching this exam with as much gusto as one who still has some weekly rotas in excess of 60 hours can manage.

But what is this blog about?  Essentially it started out for me, to record how my learning is going and to keep my revision notes in an easily searchable and accessible format.  However, in order to encourage me to keep things concise, interesting and organised it is also being written for anyone else who is preparing for the MRCP (parts 1 or 2) and I will be trying my best to break all my posts into separate topics so eventually (hopefully) a lot of the MRCP syllabus will be covered.

I hope this blog can be a 'sweet side dish' to people's main, serious MRCP revision, something to dip into when you feel you should be working but are actually being drawn towards facebook/TV/tidying up your house/anything other than revision.  I will keep updating an index of topics that have been covered (here, or in the index link in the toolbar above), so if you choose to use this blog to help your revision you will have the options of either to following it by date, which will present you with a random set of topics hopefully almost daily, or to look at a specific topic at a time of your choosing using the index page.

I'd love to hear from anyone with suggestions for improvement/corrections/comments/jokes, and I'd also like to take this opportunity to offer the health warning that no-one except me has checked the accuracy of any of the posts and I although I apologise for any inaccuracies I accept no responsibility for their potential eventual impact on your exam/life/sanity.

Finally, as for who I am... well, a quick search of the GMC register will reveal there are no doctors called Marie Treasure, I've just opted for a degree of anonymity so I can share my failures without too much blushing!