Sunday, 5 September 2010

MRCP revision battle 3.1: Hilar lymphadenopathy

Currently in a stint of antisocial long shifts so struggling to squeeze in revision, but have managed to squash a quick review of 3 topics in, all prompted by one question about a patient with bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy:

1) causes of bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy (sure that one wasn't a suprise)
2) hypercalcaemia (predictable, given topic 1)
3) hyperparathyroidism (an obvious progression from topic 2)

Causes of bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy

I like to try and remember these as a rhyming song:
"cancer, sarcoid and TB, lymphoma HIV.... and the other 5 are 2CHEAP2 to me... oh the joys of bilateral hilar lumphadenopathy..."
CHEAP = 2 Cs (CF, Churg Stauss), EAA, pneumoconiosis, phenytoin (2Ps)

Onwards to battle 3.2...