Wednesday, 15 September 2010

MRCP questions: War 11

As with previous 'wars' after 'battles' these are just a few quick questions to see if your brain cells have retained the information provided in battles 10.1 to 10.6.

Grab a piece of paper, jot down your answers then compare them to my answers here

Question 1
List 4 factors that lead to a worse prognosis in GBS.

Question 2
What percentage of patients with GBS will make a complete or near complete recovery?

Question 3
What regular investigation do patients with GBS require?

Question 4
What is the classic triad of Miller-Fisher syndrome?

Question 5
What antibodies are usually associated with Miller-Fisher syndrome?

Question 6
What is syringomyelia?

Question 7
What are the cardinal symptoms of syrinomyelia?

Question 8
What is the inheritance of Kallmans syndrome?

Question 9
List 5 symptoms/signs of carcinoid syndrome

Question 10
What is the treatment of carcinoid syndrome?

answers here