Friday, 24 September 2010

MRCP questions: War 18

As with previous 'wars' after 'battles' these are just a few quick questions to see if your brain cells have retained the information provided in battles 18.1 to 18.8.

Grab a piece of paper, jot down your answers then compare them to my answers here

Question 1:
Which 4 clotting cascade factors is vitamin K a cofactor for?

Question 2:
Your patient has an INR of 7 but no evidence of bleeding.  What would you do?

Question 3:
A 20 year old comes to you with a rash across their back of teardrop-shaped lesions topped with some silver scales.  They note they had a sore throat a week or 2 ago.  What is the rash?

Question 4:
State the classical triad of symptoms for aortic stenosis.

Question 5:
A patient tells you their cardiologist said the pressure gradient across their aortic valve was 52mmHg.  What grade of severity is their stenosis?

Question 6:
Your houseofficer has diagnosed PMR and wants to know how to treat it.  What would you prescribe?

Question 7:
A mum brings her 16 year old son who has learning difficulties to you, saying he has been itching his bottom a lot recently.  You think he has threadworms.  How would you treat them?

Question 8:
Your consultant states he is admitting someone with pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism.  What blood results would you expect?

The answers are here